The Company

Malhis Engineering was founded 1994 in Kiel, Germany. The company operates internationally. Our aim is to improve the quality of life through development and implementation of advanced and innovative technologies.

Our proven expertise in the fields of chemical engineering, environmental science and waste management enable us to develop customized solutions with economical benefits in the fields of water/wastewater, air/spent gas and waste remediation .

Our Solutions

Our solutions are innovative, reliable and cost effective. They are developed after taking into account the appropriate mass and energy balances.

We take into consideration the customer's existing production facilities and infrastructure to provide then integrated solutions.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in the field of environmental technologies are:

•  Water and wastewater treatment

•  Air and spent gas purification  

•  Waste remediation

Our Services

- Consulting and on-site Assessment

- Optimisation of current treatment plants

- Engineering, design and construction of treatment plants

- Operation of treatment plants

- Consulting for the use of chemical and physical sensors for online analysis.

Further Services

We support our customers with additional services in the above mentioned fields such as:

- Pre-and feasibility studies

- Preparation of Business Plans

- Risk analysis

- Quality Management

- Environmental management systems

- Project management

- Education and training programmes