Because of our innovative and outstanding solutions we have achieved an excellent reputation in Germany, North America (USA and Canada) and the Middle East. Our references are represented in the following industrial branches:

•  Food processing industry
•  Tanneries
•  Disposal companies
•  Metal and metal processing industries
•  Oil and gas industries
•  Textile industry
•  Power plants
•  Pharmaceutical industry
•  Semi-Conductor industry

Examples of Representative Projects:

In addition to a large number of consulting projects there have also been planning and construction projects. All of them have low operation costs allowing extremely short amortisation. Detailed economical and technical information about these Projects can be provided:

•  Industrial hazardous wastewater remediation plant for a disposal company, REMONDIS, Kiel Germany, 1991.
•  Industrial hazardous wastewater remediation plant, DORR, Memmingen, Germany 1994
•  Photolysis of halogenated hydrocarbons, Alligator, Herford, Germany, 1995
•  UV-Research project for the German Federal Foundation for Environment in Osnabrück 1995.
•  Remediation of hazardous liquid waste, Disposal company, REMONDIS, Gifhorn, Germany, 1996
•  Optimisation of a spent gas purification system of a rendering plant, Virginia USA, 1997
•  Mobile wastewater remediation plant, Shenandoah Environmental LLC, Virginia USA, 1998.
•  Developing of a new process for remediation of inverts drilling waste, Calgary Canada, 2001-2002, Patent No: US 6,689,925 B2
•  Emission assessment (air, water and soil) for a printing company, Neumünster, Germany, 2003
•  Optimisation of a wastewater treatment plant for a municipal waste combustion plant, Bremerhaven, Germany, 2004.
•  Engineering of a wastewater treatment plant for a pharmaceutical company, Kiel, Germany, 2005
•  Engineering and business plan of a rendering plant. GTZ, EU IPP Project for the Ministry of Environment, Beirut, Lebanon 2005.
•  Engineering and business plan of a centralised treatment plant for industrial hazardous waste. GTZ, EU IPP project for the Ministry of Environment, Beirut, Lebanon, 2005.
•  Development, Engineering, construction and running of a new wastewater treatment plant for a semi-conductor company, Vishay GmbH, Itzehoe, Germany, Patent applied 2006.
•  Risk analysis and design of a safety prevention plan for a hydrazine supplying plant at a nuclear power plant according to the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchV). Brokdorf, Germany, April 2007.